The Sewing machines

As promised here is a small article to introduce you the sewing machines, my faithful companions of sewing.

Here is the latest sewing machine that has been added to the workforce. She was there before my arrival in the workshop and the house. This is the sewing machine of my great-great-grandmother companion, Françoise Guillory Gilbert. Because the room where my sewing workshop is today was formerly the sewing workshop of this woman. A nice coincidence, and I hope this will bring good luck to my small activity. 🙂

Then comes another sewing machine, which dates back to 1924. Discovered by my sister in the south of France, I pickled, sanded and varnished the wood that was worm-eaten. The machine, I disassembled it, oiled it, reassembled it, then found a new strap thanks to my sister, and today it works again. It is a pedal machine, so on the day the electricity falls out, I will continue to sew! (Should I still have light, but that’s another story.)


Here is my flat stitcher, pfaff, my very first industrial machine which I acquired thanks to the School of the Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne who gave it generously to me at the end of my studies. It has been very good company since then, and it is the sewing machine that I use the most in my creations. Good tools are the beginning of a good job.



Then come the buzzer, a kingtex that I redeemed to a couple of couturier who were retiring. She sewed for big signs of high fashion and now she sews at my side, in the same finesse and the same quality but this time it is for individuals.


Finally come the simple ones, who, whatever they say, help me enormously in my creations,. The surjuteuse for clean finishes, and the multifunction for zippers and piping mainly. They both come from LIDL, and I am pleasantly surprised and satisfied with the length of their lives so far! I shall be very annoyed the day they abandon me, I must confess!



There you have them all! You know everything now, or almost! 😉


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