The Princess and The Frog

After the creation of the Red Riding Hood, I tackled the design of a costume from another childhood tale. That of the Princess with the Frog.

First of all, I put down on paper the ideas I had in mind, as well as the physical constraints that came to interfere with the first ideas. After several weeks of maturation, the final costume design emerged.

From there I developed the pattern of each piece, as well as the footage. Then I made several attempts with coton cloth in order to see the fall of the fabrics, and the modifications that I had to bring to the pattern in order to obtain the visual I desired. Once that stage was completed I could look for the fabrics that matched my overview.

For the corset I used corset fabric as a base, a shiny cream fabric thermoset with a layer of transparent nylon taffeta, and a black cotton canvas for the lining. The corset contains 24 soft steel corset bones making it rigid while fitting the woman’s shapes.

The puffed sleeves are clipped onto the corset thanks to small snaps and small discrete staples. So it can be worn with or without sleeves according to the desires and needs.

The crinoline petticoat, the black petticoat, the golden petticoat and the transparent taffeta petticoat are all separated to allow to wear them in different ways, but also to allow a more practical storage and cleaning.

Thus was born a Princess (without frog) who can change style to her envy, because like every woman, she has different faces.


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