How to make a sewing weight

How to make a sewing weight

If you are a seamstress you know surely the problematic of the fabric that moves, the pattern that moves a few millimeters, etc. So we catch what we have to make weight, a pin box, cissors, a notebook… But it has nothing practical in the end.

If you want to make your own sewing weights, here is a way to proceed!

In the upholstering shop where I worked the upholsterers had made weights by gathering heavy material like pieces of lead or sand in a box and then packing it in fleece and then cloth to prevent damaging the fabric on which the weight would rest. In tapestry, especially when sewing a curtain by hand it takes some tension in the fabric and the best way to get it is to wedge it under a big weight.

I do not often make curtains so I do not need a big weight, but several small weights, would be perfect. So I packed old lead-based weights that began to rust in fleece and finally into fabric. And to add a colorful note to my weights I tied them with bolduc.

Fast and easy to do, but so convenient!

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  1. Carla Verreijt 2 years ago

    Aglaé meid wat maak je mooie dingen.

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