Collaboration with the artist Sekhmet

Collaboration with the artist Sekhmet

From a beautiful collaboration with the artist Sekhmet was born a project a bit crazy, mixing anamorphosis, sewing, and tag. It all started with a will to put in the current context, a tale that has lulled the childhood of countless people, that of the Little Riding Red Hood.

The red hood, woman and child, hopes to tame her fears, the wolf, in a world shaken by consumption and abandonment of what no longer benefits. She stands there, sheltered by her red wool cape, warmth against the cold solitude. She offers her hand to the wolf, opening the possibility that he will devour her, or that he will keep her company. Each exit will end her loneliness.

This picture suspended in time is framed by a verdant interlacing which is not without reminding a celtic forest that is usually associated with this tale. The illusion created by anamorphosis disturbs the dimensional references of the spectator and makes him appear the red chaperon as enclosed in this face to face with her fears.

To see more works of Sekhmet, go to her page:

The cape is for sale in the shop.


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