Make a sewing table

It has been months since I’ve been working, leaning over a table. My back does hurt, so I decided to find a workbench to end my pain. I searched the internet looking for what would fit my needs and I came to the conclusion that I would have to build my own sewing workbench. It would be ironic that I create things to the measurements of others but not mine! So I’m off to a new adventure.

For the raw materials I quickly found my happiness at Leroy Merlin. Pine boards, oak beams, and thick MDF to cut. I made my little plan before going to the store to know the exact measurements that I would need. There is nothing worse than buying 2m of wood and once returned realize that you needed 2m10 … And what is good about his Highness Merlin is the cutting benches available (besides coffee) because, once the material is bought, I was able to cut my boards and beams to the extent I needed. No need to take out the tools at home and put sawdust everywhere, nada!

As easy as sawing pine is, as hard is sewing oak… I had a nostalgic thought for my father’s chainsaw. I knew it was a hard wood, that’s why I bought it: to support my butt if I happen to get on the bench! Fortunately I had a good soul to relay, otherwise I will have blisters as memories!

Then comes the assembly. With 10cm long screws (must be solid!), and a drill. (Because screw directly into oak … That’s a big fat Nope.) That’s where you realize you did not calculate everything in the plan, and that your pine planks will have to be shortened by 2cm … Ha, ha… Ha….(That said, luckily it was not the oak beams that had to be sawed again…) And after a lot of sawn timber, drilling, and screwing … Tadaaaa! A sewing table is born!

For the work surface, I glued some sound cork boards that I bought in 4mm thick roll. Two layers of cork with wood glue, and a kraft paper finish glued to the side for no cloth to stick or slip. Let’s get started!



  1. Anita 4 years ago

    Very nice. Love your table. Can i cut with a cutting wheel on the cork

    • Author
      admin 4 years ago

      Well, I wouldn’t do it honestly!

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