Kylo Ren costume for woman

Kylo Ren costume for woman

Each piece realized for my clients becomes a collaboration between them and me in order to give life to an idea, a desire, floating in their minds.

It is not always easy to succeed in expressing one’s vision or in understanding one’s self. That is why it is always a great satisfaction for me when a collaboration opens on the creation of a piece that exactly corresponds to what my customers hoped for.

This Kylo Ren costume is a creative project for Alice who wanted a most realistic costume of the Star Wars character, adapted to her morphology, while remaining within her budget.

We have developed together the necessary characteristics of the costume, in particular the need for movement in it, the latter being intended to be dressed during a concert.

After finding matching tissues, Alice, unable to travel, took her measurements with her husband thanks to the instructions I had given them. From these measurements I established a first pattern and developed the costume in view of a first fitting. Encountering the same problem of travelling, the costume was sent by the Post office to make the first fitting. On its return I undertook the necessary modifications and finished the work.

The pictures above were taken by Alice following the reception of the costume. The torn effect of the cape is made so to correspond the most to the reality of the actor’s costume which you can see below.

It was very interesting to work from a distance and to succeed in satisfying Alice’s desires without being able to show her the possibilities right away. It asked her to trust me, and I am pleased with our collaboration and the result that came out of it.


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