Princess Dress (without the Frog)

Princess Dress (without the Frog)


Features about this product :
Costume made of a crinoline cage, a black petticoat, a golden petticoat, and a golden green skirt for the base part, as well as a corset with puffed sleeves for the top.

The sleeves are detachable with a system of snap buttons and staples. Size of the model wearing the suit: 38/40. The corset adapts to the shape of the body thanks to lacing in the back and its underfoot. If you measure 38, 40, 42, 44 this corset will fit you. The black petticoat has a system of buttons to adapt to a size ranging from 70cm to 80cm.


Fabric : synthetic 100%

Lining : cotton 100%

Closing: buttons for the petticoats, laces for the corset.

Size : 38/40/42/44

Height of the model : 1m70


For more informations about this product, please contact me , and specify the name of the product.


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