Le Chaperon Rouge

Red Riding Hood

Red Riding Hood.

It was thanks to a joint work with artist and photographer Sekhmet that “Grimm’s Fairy Tales” serie was born. Red Riding Hood is the first piece of this serie. It puts the fantasy of childhood in perspective with a modern society where imagination gets more and more limited. With a subtle optical illusion game the anamorphic created by Sekhmet, highlights the protagonists in places as abandoned as our childs souls. Thus, in the eye of the spectator, disturbed by the mixture of 2D and 3D, Red Riding Hood seems getting out of a flattened image, in order to dip into our lives and remind us that we were children once.

The cloak is made of boiled wool and polyester satin lining. Boiled wool was chosen for its thermal and hydro-regulating properties that any other natural fiber can match. Polyester satin, meanwhile, was chosen to allow increased fluidity and a long resistance to the friction of the fabric.

8 September 2016