Medieval Cook Costume

Medieval Cook Costume


Features about this product : With a desire to create a costume that is historically correct, here is a woman costume of the High Middle Ages. Not a peasant woman but someone who worked in the manor house, a cook, a maid, etc ... The costume is not totally historical since it was sewn with the means of today and not of yesterday, and that there's carnations as you can see on the pictures. It was in a concern of solidity and practicality that I made this choice. The fabrics are made of linen, and the dyeing has been done in order to regain the colors of the clothes of that time. The cap and the green tunic are adjustable thanks to lacing.


Fabric : Linen 100%

Closing: underskirt with buttons, tunic and cap with laces.

Size : 38/40

Height of the model : 1m70

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