Baby wraps.

Baby wraps.

I discovered porterage not so long ago, thanks to my companion’s daughter. During long walks, as she was still a little young, she tired quickly, and we took turns to wear her a little. I had then used one of my cotton neck scarves to help me wear her but it was nore practical nore pleasant. I started looking for a fabric more suitable for this kind of use. I found a superb supplier specialized in the field, and was delighted with the quality of the fabric and the comfort that it brought me.
I opted for making a sling, easier to carry in a bag, and quick to put on and take off. My companion’s daughter was also delighted, it allowed her to rest and even to sleep a little.
The choice of flat folds is not only aesthetic, but also practical because it avoids having a bead of fabric on the shoulder. In addition it reinforces the porterage, and distributes the weight homogeneously. Easy to use and maintain, I always have a sling in my backpack, just in case.

The fabric is woven in crossed twill which allows to marry the shapes of the child and the wearer without tightening. This weaving can carry up to 20kg without much effort. The manufacture and dyeing are carried out in France. The fabrics are certified 100% organic cotton and Oeko-tex.

There are a lot of colors of fabrics and rings, so you can find the combination that suits you the most!

If you want a long scarf of a 5m holding it is quite possible too, just ask.


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